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A touch of luxury

Dropdress – the refined,
flattering solution with all
the chic of St. Tropez.

Glamour and chic are no longer incompatible with a day at the beach. Forget compromise solutions like sarongs and tunics – stylish women around the world are now discovering the Dropdress. The Dropdress is a luxurious, unique product for all women who want to step out on the seafront with elegance and poise.

The soft, high-quality material swirls around the wearer's body, epitomising feminine style and flattering her figure while still allowing her to discreetly cover up. The S2B8 Drop made out of premium Alcantara and decorated with real Swarovski crystals accomplishes the Dropdress with a touch of glamour and accentuates the wearer's own aura.

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